Record Store Day 2024 @ Str33t Records

We are so excited to announce our Record Store Day 2024 participation on April 20, 2024. In addition to the RSD exclusives we will be receiving, we will be dropping over 500+ records and having a $1 sale! Everything that is priced $5 and under will be $1 for the whole weekend! Records, Tapes, CDs included!

We will be releasing our preview list of RSD exclusives on our IG page Friday 4/19/2024.

For any questions, please call the shop at 626.656.6335 or email us at

UPDATE RSD list of Exclusives Below:

Rules on RSD 2024:

Due to the high demand and limited stock, we will be implementing the following rules on RSD:

- the first X number of people in line are entitled to their top 2 titles, starting with 1 selection each person until the last person has selected, then the cycle will begin again for their 2nd pick (if they have one). I will determine the magic number randomly from a jar the morning of so please don’t be pushing and fighting for a spot. This allows for those people to get a shot at at least one of their desired records rather than the first 2 people buying 10+ different titles each and then wiping out all the stock. we are very determined to make RSD fun, fair, and exciting, and we hope this helps the process.

-after, it will be a free for all first come first serve, with 10 people maximum in the shop at one time.

Long story short, get there early if you want a chance to get first dibs on your top 2. (NOT GUARANTEED, as some titles we only have 1 to 2 copies of.)

We open normal hours at 11AM. This allows for you all to support other amazing shops who open earlier and try your luck at getting the exclusives there too or just to take advantage of as many sweet digging deals as you can. Remember - at the end of the day, RSD was created for independent shops and you vinyl lovers to have an opportunity to show your love and support for your local record shops.

image of Record Store Day 2024 flyer

April 18, 2024

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111 W. Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 656-6335

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